Leather Manufacturing

Leather Manufacturing

We collect quality Goat, Sheep, Cow and Buffalo skins from all over Pakistan. We use best quality imported chemicals for tanning. We procure domestic material as well as outsource from different countries. We are specialized in meeting the needs of the customers for their footwear, garments and leather goods segments by offering vast variety from Crust to various finishes including Dull, Shiny Glazed, Waxy, Oily, Pull up, Milled, Aniline, Semi Aniline, Embossed, Metallic, Suede, Burnish and Split Suede etc. 

We are leading leather products supplier and exporter from Pakistan. We have our own tannery, where we make best quality leather for all purpose.  We specialize in offering leather products at very competitive prices.  We can provide any kind of leather with your desire quality and quantity.

Our Articles: 

Leathers for Shoe Upper
Our Cow & Buffalo finished leather has extensive range in aniline, semi aniline, full grain, nubuck and printed – which are best suitable choice for all kinds of men’s and ladies’ footwear. We also supply Goat Suede Leather for Shoes, renowned for its softness and flexibility, good writing effect too and extensively used for making beautiful & reliable shoes. 

Leather for goods
We are specialized in meeting the needs of the customers in leather goods segment by offering vast variety of finishes including dull, shiny glazed, waxy, oily, pull up, milled, aniline, semi aniline, embossed, 02 tone, metallic etc. 

Leather for garments
Our top quality cow and buffalo leather lines can be used for classic and trendy leather garments. 

Leather for upholstery
We offer high quality leather for furniture upholstery and car seat application. Our products meet international auto upholstery standards.